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Great content attracts your customers with must-reads, must-sees.  They’re inviting and pleasing to the senses.  They attract Internet search engines, and they’re personal.  They invite your customers to come closer and engage with your brand. They command attention for your stories and make them believe in you. Buy from you. Advocate for you.

At Vital Content PR, we create content marketing that deliver serious results.

Press Releases
Journalists are inundated with press releases every day, but we know how to effectively communicate with content that matters to them. We have a large database of media contacts, and understand their beats.  Differentiating your story is our passion.

Bylined Articles
Give your sales team a competitive advantage. Establish your leadership vision with a well-written bylined article.  We even help you place it in trade media most likely to influence your customers.  Vital Content PR’s executive team has an unparalleled track record of lowering the barriers to sales with this extraordinarily efficient, proven approach.

When your big moment has arrived, you will want to rely on the wordsmithing of the great speech writers from VitalContentPR.  We have written keynotes for some of the biggest and most powerful CEOs in the world, including senior leaders at Microsoft and King County Executive Ron Sims, senior leaders at Vulcan and many more.

Complete Web Sites (or content muscle for an existing site)
Whether you want a complete web site overhaul or just add muscle to your existing site, we can deliver content that drives natural search, user traffic, generates business leads, engages your customers to return again and again. Our content is optimized for search and written to command your customers’ attention.

Social Media
Five years ago, having a company social media page wasn’t necessary. Today, it’s expected. If your audience can’t find you on social, they won’t find your services or products. Skipping out on a social presence can damage your reputation, transparency and recognition. We understand how the social landscape works, and how we can best position your company within it.

Customer Success Stories
Customers believe other customers.   That’s why we write must-read customer case studies that tout your success, leadership and value.   Persuasive, precise, you can trust the experienced hand of Vital Content PR to deliver for you just the right story for you in the right channel.  Case studies are the ultimate Swiss Army knife of versatility. They can be used for media relations, sales sheets, presentations, ad campaigns, and easily searched Web content–making customer case studies the ultimate must-dos.

Digital News Centers
Traditional media is changing quickly.  It is more imperative than ever to create your own news channel.  Videos, blogs, tweets, links, blog rolls, videos all go here, to establish your leadership and captivate attention for your product and service offerings.  With a lifetime of experience as writers and marketers, we help guide you through this swift changing landscape and give you relevant, topic and insight content that lifts your company’s profile and drives sales.

Names are power.  And the right tagline can deliver differentiating power for your brand.  We create and deliver taglines that define and elevate the very heart of who and what you are.  Communicate a higher purpose. Create instant connection with your stakeholders.  It’s your brand, sprung and loaded, ready to win.

Sales Collateral
You need to tell compelling stories about your company, your products and services.  You need copy to fit perfectly with the images, and you need it to activate sales.  That’s what we do. Activate your audiences to listen, to act, to become loyal customers and supporters of your brand.